Domestic Abuse – Basic Awareness Course 

As an employer, you want to do all you can to keep your staff healthy, happy, productive and above all – safe. What many employers don’t know is that one in four women and one in six men will experience domestic abuse.  Two women each week and one man each month are killed in England and Wales by a current or former partner.

This means many employers will have staff affected. Our new Domestic Abuse Basic Awareness training, launching on 26 October 2021, helps your organisation to support your employees. It will also contribute to tackling domestic abuse.

Strongmind Director Richard Dorney said: “Domestic abuse is often traumatic and a significant source of long- term mental health problems. Employers and organisations need a greater awareness of this issue, so that they can support people.

“We welcome the recent government advice to employers in the Domestic Abuse Act. We are fortunate to have Shelley Bamford, an acknowledged expert in this field, on our team to deliver awareness training.”

Domestic abuse – employers’ duty of care

With over 2.3 million people aged 16-74 in the UK experiencing domestic abuse each year, employers have a duty of care. This means they have a legal responsibility to provide safe and effective work environments. Preventing and tackling domestic abuse is an integral part of this.

We know that 86% of companies believe they have a duty of care towards domestic abuse victims. However, just 5% of organisations have a specific guideline or policy on domestic abuse. It looks likely that government may bring in legislation to seek these.

The Covid-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a great increase in people working at home. For people experiencing abuse, the workplace often offers a safe space and a break from their abuser. Colleagues and managers may be the only people outside the home that victims talk to each day. This makes them uniquely placed to spot signs of abuse.

“Employers also need to be aware that abuse is often perpetrated from the workplace,” Richard Dorney said.

The course includes learning to improve awareness and confidence around domestic abuse and the workplace. In addition, expert training covers the business case for this. It also looks at the employer’s legal and statutory obligations to creating safe and healthy workplaces.

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