Mental Health At Work

Mental Health at work, mental health awareness, training, Good mental health at work is now a priority issue for employers. Support and awareness training such as Mental Health First Aid are vital.

Absence, lost productivity, and staff turnover have a huge impact. For instance, recent research puts the UK cost at more than £43 billion in 2018. Research shows that stress, employment demands and a wide range of personal factors outside the workplace can add to poor mental well being.

Employers often struggle to support staff going through mental health issues.  Managers and colleagues may lack knowledge or skills to offer support.

Everyone should strive to build healthy workplaces so people feel safe, supported and able to do their best work. Understanding mental health issues is important on both personal and business levels. We can train you how and when to approach a person going through issues. Knowing how to be reassuring or where to get help can improve staff confidence in dealing with mental health at work.

Our wide range of fully accredited courses offer you practical and proven training. Because all organisations have different needs, we can shape our training to what you want. If you need in-house training so we can come to you. Moreover, opting for a tiered approach helps you make sure that people in different roles receive the most appropriate training.

In conclusion, as all trainers in our award-winning company have a wealth of experience in senior management, previous course trainees know we can help.

We’ve helped government departments, the NHS, emergency services, City groups and many others.

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Mental Health Awareness Courses