Mental Health Awareness Training

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Are your staff Mental Health Aware?


Poor mental health is now one of the leading causes of workplace sickness absence. Additionally, many people suffering from mental ill health are at work and sometimes need additional support. This poses a significant problem for line managers and for peers who struggle to understand the complex subject of mental health and they often lack the confidence to act. We know that there is considerable stigma around the subject of mental health and that this is a barrier to seeking help.  Because of this,  people often suffer in silence and their conditions become worse.

Employers have a legal responsibility to consider the physical and mental wellbeing of their employees. The best way to reduce the impact and the stigma of poor mental health in the workplace is to train workers and managers to understand it. Our Mental Health Awareness training can help with early recognition, early intervention, risk assessment and signposting to professional help


What will you learn?:

​​​We will improve your understanding of mental health and will provide you with the confidence to support people in need. Courses cover the topics below​


  • Understand what is meant by mental health
  • Stigma and the consequences of poor mental health
  • Risk factors and protective factors
  • Positive coping
  • Stress in the workplace
  • Common mental health disorders (anxiety and depression)
  • How to help
  • Self-protection

    Courses can be run over a full day or a half day format. Full day courses can be expanded to cover:


  • The effects of alcohol and drugs
  • Suicide
  • Self-Harm
  • Eating disorders
  • Psychosis


At Strongmind our instructors are experienced and flexible enough to shape the awareness training to the available time and the needs of the client. We have a wide range of clients each with differing needs from the Home Office, Emergency services and the charitable sector to large companies.

Practical Support:

At Strongmind we don’t offer relaxation tapes or scented oils, we prefer to give delegates practical advice on what to do, how to recognise the symptoms and how to intervene. We know that early intervention works and having the knowledge to support people in a timely way can make real difference.

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