Mental Health First Aid Champion – one day course

Become a Mental Health First Aid ChampionMFHA England, mental health first aid, strongmind resiliency training

Mental Health First Aid – MHFA – is an internationally recognised training course which teaches people how to spot the signs and symptoms of mental ill health and to provide help on a first aid basis.  The Mental Health First Aid Champions course id designed for people who want to promote and effect the attitudes of mental health in the work place.

Course aims

• Preserve life where a person maybe a danger to themselves or others
• To provide help to prevent a mental health issue developing into a more serious, before professional help arrives
• To promote the recovery of good mental health
• To provide comfort to a person experiencing a mental health issue
• To raise awareness of mental health issues in the community.
• To reduce stigma and discrimination
• To improve own health and wellbeing

Course duration

Course duration is for one full day and the training is intensive. It is delivered in two sessions as follow:

Session 1

• About Mental Health First Aid
• What influences mental health
• Depression
• Anxiety disorders
• Eating disorders
• Self-harm
• Psychosis
• Substance misuse

Session 2

• Early warning signs of mental ill health
• Suicide
• First aid for suicidal crisis
• First aid for mental health issues
• Building a mentally healthy workplace
• Useful statistics.