Mental Health for Managers

Strongmind Resiliency Training, mental health for managers

Poor mental health is the source of much sickness absence from the workplace. It may also appear as ‘presenteeism’: –  when people are at work, but are struggling and possibly less productive.

Declining mental health can be the result of poor working environments or practices and we know that workplace relationships are one of the key sources of stress identified by the Health and Safety Executive.

Managers can often lack the knowledge, confidence or skills to interact and appropriately support a person who may be suffering from poor mental health. A good understanding of mental health contributes to the building of mentally healthy workplaces –  a key step to reducing sickness absence. Knowing  how to support someone and where to signpost them for help is vital, alongside an awareness of how the Equality Act relating to mental health may affect procedures.

Managers are often under pressure to meet targets and deadlines while supporting others, for this reason you need to know how to protect yourself and to manage stress effectively


Course duration

One full day


Course Aim

To provide managers with the knowledge and confidence to understand common mental health problems. To know how to support and signpost a person who may be suffering from poor mental health as well as managing their own stress.


Course content

The following learning points are covered:

•  What is mental health
•  Reducing stigma and building healthy workplaces
•  Prevalence, risk and protection
•  Practical measures to help a person with poor mental health
•  The Equality Act and mental health
•  Active listening  with practical exercises in interviewing people who may be struggling
•  Identifying common mental health problems – anxiety and depression
•  Substance misuse and mental health
•  Positive coping.



Strongmind courses are fully accredited by the Continuous Professional Development Standards Office. Delegates may use the hours of training on our courses to count against any CPD requirement from professional bodies.

Accredited CPD event. The CPD Standards Office CPD Provider 41078 2016