Personal Resilience – Overview

When we talk about personal resilience, we mean our ability to adapt to stress and adversity in a positive way. Many of us Personal resilience, training, strongmind resiliency training, stress, work in high stress environments where the demands of our work can be very challenging and may conflict with our personal lives too.

We need to be able to respond to change in a positive way, deal with loss or disappointment and to be able to maintain healthy and positive lifestyles. This means being self-aware and understanding the key pillars of personal resilience. Self-awareness helps us to understand how we respond to stress and to maintain a positive focus.

Understanding our own emotional intelligence can be a powerful tool to help us get through tough times. We need to know what to do when we are challenged, identify positive coping strategies and be aware of the effects of stress. Being able to avoid negative actions such as drinking too much and identify problem thinking can help too.

Some people work in areas where they may be frequently exposed to high stress and trauma, so understanding how traumatic stress affects us and how to defend ourselves is especially important. We have a range of solutions that can be tailored to an organisation to improve awareness of personal resilience and vulnerability. We’ll show you some stress management techniques that can help and will encourage positive coping.

Where appropriate, we can run awareness workshops around suicide and substance misuse.

Personal Resilience Courses