Personal Resilience – Overview

When we talk about personal resilience, we mean how we are able to adapt to stress and adversity in a positive way.

Many of us Personal resilience, training, strongmind resiliency training, stress, work in high stress jobs, places, and situations where the demands of our work can be very challenging. These may also come up against  our personal lives – which also have their own demands and issues.

We need to be able to respond to change in a positive way. As a result:

  • This helps us deal with loss or disappointment
  • It also helps us be able to keep up healthy and positive lifestyles
  • Knowing ourselves is important to understand the basis of personal resilience

Being self-aware then helps us to understand how we respond to stress and to keep a positive focus.

Training helps us understand, use, manage and show our emotions in a positive way. It offers us a powerful tool to help get through tough times. We need to know –

  • What to do when we are challenged
  • How to find helpful ways to cope
  • Know what stress does to us.

Recognising problem thinking can help. So can being able to avoid unhelpful actions such as drinking too much.

Some people work in areas where they may often come across high stress and upsetting events. If this is your work situation, it is vital to understand how serious stress affects people and how to defend yourself.

Our expert and award-winning trainers can adapt a wide range of solutions for you. As a result, they can teach your staff to improve their awareness of personal resilience and vulnerability. We have recently added our new courses aimed at the current COVID 19 situation, and social isolation – STAR 90 and Supporting Each Other In Times Of Crisis, which are delivered virtually.

We work with many organisations. For example, these include government departments, City firms, 3rd sector organisations and the NHS. They and smaller organisations know that our training works.

Can we help you to encourage positive coping?


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