Alcohol Awareness Training

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Excessive alcohol consumption is one of the greatest challenges facing UK Society. We see the consequences daily in the costs to business, the NHS and to our mental and physical health. There are significant health and safety challenges too and businesses may have a responsibility to identify people that may be drinking too much, but there is the problem – how much is too much and how do you intervene? This is where our Alcohol Awareness Training enters the picture.

Most of us don’t even know where we sit on the scale of sensible – hazardous or dangerous drinking. Very few people are born alcohol dependant, we usually progress along a scale over time so, knowing where we sit on that scale is very important.

Basic education about what we drink can be very powerful and can reduce the risks to people and to organisations

Alcohol Awareness Training Course content

What you’ll learn:Stress, alcohol, negative coping, mental health

•  Drinking – the risks
•  Why people drink
•  What are the sensible limits
•  Alcohol and mental health
•  How to intervene if you feel someone is drinking too much
•  How to give advice on safe drinking


Course duration is normally for two-hours


Simple, timely education can make a real difference by encouraging people to reduce what they drink rather than to stop altogether