suicide awareness, strongmind resiliency training, Most people have been touched by the tragedy of suicide at some time in their lives. These challenging incidents leave us with an overwhelming feeling of loss and helplessness, but how do we spot someone who may be suicidal? If we suspect someone to be at risk, what should we do or say? How can we help?

These are all questions that if unanswered may leave us feeling frustrated, worried and unable to help. Many organisations regularly encounter people who are struggling with their emotions or have significant mental health problems. Some of these people may be at risk from suicide.

 Course aims

This course will help you to understand the issues involved and will improve your confidence when dealing with this emotive issue.

Course duration

The course can be delivered in half day or one day formats

Course Content

This course covers:

•  Suicide facts, myths and prevalence?
•  Why do people take their own lives?
•  Risk factors
•  At risks groups
•  How to assess risk
•  How to help, do’s and don’ts
•  Support agencies

Having attended the course delegates will be able to assess the risk factors for suicide, will understand the context and will have an improved understanding of the actions they may be able to take to help. People who are confident in facing these sorts of challenges in their professional and personal lives will be more effective in their roles.

The course is fully accredited by the CPD Standards OfficeAccredited CPD event. The CPD Standards Office CPD Provider 41078 2016