Understanding UK Veterans

Understanding UK veterans, armed forces, strongmindresiliencey training

There are estimated to be around 2.6 million UK veterans.  However,  most people have no military service and little understanding of military culture. We often fall back on media reporting, movies and TV reports to gain insights to a community that is generally respected but misunderstood. It is important to understand the real picture, because thousands of us interact with military veterans daily – in Business, the NHS, charities, policing, in fact everywhere. UK veterans offer valuable skills that are sometimes difficult to find in civilian life.

Why do we need to understand our UK veterans?

Understanding military culture can help employers overcome misconceptions and tap into a rich vein of talent. Veterans are not all mad, bad or sad. They are not over-represented in the criminal justice system, or the homeless community. Mental health rates are for the most part, in line with their civilian counterparts and most veterans transition from the Armed Forces well, adding great value to the workforce.  In the UK our veteran community generally does very well, but ex-forces personnel are unique in that they are the subject of myths and inaccurate reporting, often by those who should know better.

We want to show you the real picture to help you understand military culture and put the record straight

Workshop duration

This is a one day workshop designed to help you understand UK veterans UK veterans, veterans uk, military, mental health

What will we learn?

• UK Forces structure and organisation
• Military culture and belonging
• Values, standards and peer support
• Operations and the realities of war
• Military health, recovery and transition
• Veterans’ needs – how to get the best from a veteran

If you work with veterans in any capacity this training will help you interact and understand this valuable group of people.