Stress, Trauma and Resilience - STaR

Duration: 1/2 Day or 60 min or 90 min

Delivery Method: Virtual

Course Capacity: 16

Course Description

The STaR online instructor-led course is designed to help managers and staff alike to improve their knowledge and confidence around stress, trauma, and resilience. Particularly when working alone or at a distance. 

We experience varying levels of anxiety when something dramatic causes our lives to change.  This course will help you understand your emotions and to encourage you to help yourself, and support others even at a distance.

Course Aims

To improve knowledge and confidence around stress, trauma, and resilience, and to be able to understand and maintain your own mental resilience.

  • Understand our reactions to crisis; What to expect.
  • Staying resilient.
  • Gain understanding of secondary trauma.
  • Learn how to Support others and protect yourself.

STaR Content

The course looks at our reactions to crisis and unfamiliar environments.

  • How we are likely to think and behave in changed circumstances.
  • The concept of normalising reactions and avoiding negative coping.
  • Key resilience concepts to improve coping.
  • The characteristics of traumatic stress. Including secondary trauma and how to recognise it.
  • An introduction to trauma responses and how you might be able to help.
  • The course concludes with a look at how to keep yourself safe from burnout and compassion fatigue.