Trauma Risk Management, Practitioner, manager, refresher, TRiM training.

Why do we need  Trauma Risk Management refresher training?

Trauma Risk Management  courses are intensive and we teach a lot of practical skills. Inevitably, some of the knowledge and skills fade with time. So practitioners need to keep themselves current so they can provide the best support to colleagues who have been involved in traumatic events. The refresher training is designed to revise practical skills as well as instruct on any new legislation or other relevant subjects.

How often should we revise skills?

We recommend that qualified TRiM Practitioners and Managers attend refresher training at least annually.

How long does it take?

Our refresher training takes a full day and we revise the theoretical elements of TRiM and the practical skills of risk assessment. You’ll  take part in scenario based planning sessions and in role play exercises. At the end of the course we’ll issue a certificate of attendance so you can record your continuous professional development record.


Trauma Risk Management, TRiM, Refresher, Pratitioner, Manager, Accreditation

Our courses are fully accredited by the Continuous Professional Development Standards Office. You may use the hours of training on our courses to count against any CPD requirement from professional bodies.

Where do we go for refresher training?

As with all of our training we are very happy to deliver at your own location or we can arrange a venue nearby



Accredited CPD event. The CPD Standards Office CPD Provider 41078 2016