Understanding Trauma

Understanding Trauma, PTSD, Traumatic events

Helping you to understand traumatic stress


The concept of exposure to traumatic events is now recognised as a factor influencing the development of a variety of mental health conditions and is not confined to PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

An understanding of trauma informed practice helps provide a foundation for support and conversation.  Relationships are built on affirmation, collaboration, choice, empowerment, safety and trust.

When working with people who have been exposed to trauma it is necessary to understand the responses to trauma, how to keep people safe and how to protect yourself from the associated risks from vicarious trauma.

Course duration

This is a one-day course


Course aim

To provide delegates with an understanding of the impact of traumatic events, the factors associated with the development of traumatic stress and trauma informed practice.

Key learning points

  • Introduction to trauma and the characteristics of traumatic events
  • Understanding the impact of trauma
  • The effects of trauma
  • Trauma psychology – How do we think and behave after trauma?
  • Common risk factors for the development of traumatic stress
  • Identifying signs symptoms and behaviours
  • Trauma informed practice
  • Discussing trauma – active listening skills
  • Positive and negative coping
  • Signposting and support
  • Self-protection and caring for the carer

The course is fully accredited by the CPD standards office and course time can be used against existing organisational CPD requirements.

The course is not designed to be therapeutic and is not recommended for people with ongoing issues related to traumatic experiences.

Accredited CPD event. The CPD Standards Office CPD Provider 41078 2016

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