Trauma Risk Management – TRiM Practitioner e-Learning Course

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We have listened to our clients who say that they still need Trauma Risk Management or TRiM Practitioner training during the pandemic period. Lockdowns, social distancing and travel restrictions have made it difficult for organisations to host training or to attend open courses. It has been particularly difficult for overseas clients, many of whom faced severe and difficult circumstances, even before the pandemic.

We developed the e-practitioner course to cater for those who need training but are restricted by circumstances. The course allows you to study from home in your own time and to still have vital interaction with a trainer through virtual means. Each learner is allocated a mentor who will be available via zoom to assess practical exercises and to answer questions.


TRiM, Practitioner, Trauma Risk Management, e-Learning, virtual, Strongmind Resiliency Training,

strongmind, Trauma Risk Management, TRiM, Practitioner, virtual, e-Learning, training,

The course consists of 8 modules that guide you through:

  • The rationale for TRiM, the characteristics of traumatic events,
  • Planning a response to critical incidents
  • Risk assessment
  • Personnel issues and administration
  • Protecting your own mental health.


There are three mentor led practical assessments and four module assessments that use electronically generated questions. At the end of the course learners will be able to support colleagues after traumatic events and conduct structured risk assessments to identify those most at risk. We estimate study time on average to be 12-14 hours

Learners who complete the e TRiM course will be able to carry out all the tasks taught on the face to face course and will also qualify for the same 14 hours of CPD.

This training offers a unique opportunity for individuals and organisations with dispersed staff to gain important personal skills and to enhance the support to colleagues after critical events.


What our students are saying

I enjoyed every part of this course. Coming from a long Policing back ground where I have personally bore witness to many traumatic events, the content of this course was extremely relevant for me. TRiM is something I feel is long overdue in the Police service. If through my own experiences and now taking on this training I can help others going through similar events then it has absolutely been worth it. Thank You.

Name withheld,    West Yorkshire Police Service


“What an amazing two weeks.  I learnt more in two weeks about TRiM and myself, than I did in the past twenty years.  If you want to learn, understand and develop Trim, then, look no further than Strongmind Resilience.  From the outset to completion the team were incredible, the organisation, the modules, the pre tests and the role play.

Thank you for an amazing course and for your professional and friendly approach”

Christopher Newman, Emergency Responder Deputy Team Leader Waterloo (N3) |
London Ambulance Service NHS Trust


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the rest of your team, for the support and
encouragement during my recent TRiM Practitioner training. The Course content was really good,
well presented and easy to use. I particularly liked that I could return to the assignments before the
practical assessments, just to reassure myself that I understood properly. It was really simple to
book appointments, for the practical sessions, and Zoom worked perfectly, for me. I received my
TRiM Practitioner pack quickly after completion of the course, and am impressed with the content
and the quality of the materials.

Above anything it was a pleasure to work with you, I was a bit nervous about the practical work,
especially because of the online nature of the training. However, You and Mark put me very much at
my ease and offered valuable feedback and encouragement, during the 1-2-1 aspects. It was fun to
do, despite it being a fairly serious subject, and learning should be fun.
Once again, please thank the whole team for me. I look forward to CPD and possibly further
extending my TRiM qualifications in future.
Best Regards
Phill Damant (W74)

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