The Strongmind team are experts in Resilience, Trauma Risk Management, and Mental Health Awareness.

We help those of you in high stress industries to support colleagues and to protect yourselves.

Do you need to improve the management of staff after exposure to trauma? Or perhaps a keenness to learn about and improve confidence around mental health or resilience?  Either way – we are here to help.

Above all, Strongmind has years of experience in this field. Our trainers regularly work with UK government bodies, emergency services, and the NHS, not forgetting commercial organisations large and small worldwide. 

Our subject matter experts can shape our existing training to suit your requirements, and are able to offer bespoke training designed for your specific needs. 

Course Types

In House Courses

We provide on-site training for your team, where our experienced trainers come to you.  This is of course, ideal for groups where you have specific training needs.

Face to face training conforms to your local Covid safety regulations as well as our own internal risk assessments. However, we have converted most courses to instructor led virtual delivery. This enhances flexibility and convenience. for you.

E-learning platform

This option has a range of excellent blended learning options to choose from. 

E-Learning Courses

Our excellent e-Learning platform allows you to train in your own time and at your own pace.

Removing the need to deconflict shift patterns or find training rooms.  The training is in a modular format, so that learners can dip in and out as schedules allow. 

The best  of both worlds

Training incorporates online assessments and video examples, but above all, our e-TRiM training also features face to face virtual interaction with mentors. So you get the best of both worlds.

Courses carry the same accreditation as face-to-face training.

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Open Courses

Course Details

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Trauma Risk Management - TRiM

TRiM is a peer-delivered system of risk assessment and ongoing support. It is  specifically for support in the management of traumatic events:-

Mental Health Awareness

Gain an in-depth understanding of mental health and the factors that can affect wellbeing.

You’ll learn practical skills to spot the triggers and signs of mental health issues.

Personal Resilience

Personal resilience is about the way we manage stress and the challenges that life throws at us.

Find out how to make positive adjustments in the face of difficulties – and learn how to cope.