Embracing Neurodivergence by Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace

Duration: 3 hours

Delivery Method: Virtual

Course Capacity: 16

Course Description

Historically, Neurodivergence and associated conditions such as Autism, AD/HD and Dyslexia, have be viewed largely through a stigmatised lens, resulting in negative bias and stereotyping. However, the Neurodivergent community often have unique talents and strengths that can translate into significant competitive advantages, particularly in professions such as IT, analytical, legal, regulatory, security and intelligence and many more.

In recent years, this has led to the concept of Neurodiversity gaining exponential interest and engagement. Not only is embracing Neurodivergence the right thing to do to support cultural inclusion, organisations such as Microsoft, Dell, GCHQ, now recognise that Neurodiversity, applied in the correct context, can also create significant business advantages.

This three-hour workshop will improve awareness and confidence around what Neurodiversity is, and how to embrace and capitalise on the unique talents the Neurodivergent community can bring to your organisation. The subject matter, whilst focussed on Neurodivergence, also explores good practice themes around workplace culture and communication that research widely accepts will benefit your organisation more broadly. ADHD, dyslexia, ASD

Learning Outcomes

This workshop will help you to:


  • Understand what ND is and how it impacts both individuals and the workplace.
  • Understand the unique benefits ND brings to business.
  • Understand the relevant law and employer obligations.
  • Develop practical strategies to create psychological safety.
  • Understand the critical importance of language and communication.
  • Know where to go for further support.


Tailored delivery

Different organisations may wish to consider how to practically implement the content of this course to best effect within their unique environment. We would therefore be happy to discuss tailoring the subject matter of this course to your specific requirements on request.

If you would like to discuss this further, please contact us at: [email protected]


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