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Mental Health at Work Overview

Poor mental health is the source of much sickness absence from the workplace. It may also appear as ‘presenteeism’ – when people are at work but struggling and probably less productive.

Poor mental health costs our economy and individual businesses billions of pounds annually. More importantly, the effect of poor working environments and stress comes at a personal cost for thousands of us. Declining mental health can result from poor working environments and businesses are often unaware of their legal responsibilities in managing staff who may be facing challenges to their mental health. Workplace relationships are a key source of stress identified by the Health and Safety Executive. 

Managers and colleagues often lack the knowledge, confidence, or skills to interact and appropriately support a person who may be experiencing issues. A good understanding of mental health contributes to the building of mentally healthy workplaces – an important step to reducing sickness absence. Knowing how to support someone and where to signpost them for help is vital – alongside an awareness of how the Equality Act relating to mental health may affect procedures.

We have a range of courses that are shaped to support managers or staff at all levels and to improve knowledge around these issues. We can provide face-to- face, virtual or e-learning solutions. Contact us today to improve mental health knowledge in your workplace.

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Mental Health at Work

Get an in depth understanding of mental health and the factors that can affect wellbeing.  Strongmind courses offer you practical skills to spot the triggers and signs of poor mental health, and we teach you how to have that important and sometimes difficult conversation with someone.  You will also learn where to signpost them to for professional help.