Fully Blended e-learning TRiM Practitioners course

Duration: 3hrs

Delivery Method: Virtual

Course Capacity: 16

Psychological Distress and Building Resilience

Handling the criminal process can be emotionally challenging and often times distressing for those involved. Working within human services can increase the risk of emotional exhaustion and emotional stress which may present with physical, emotional and behavioural stress reactions and responses. These reactions can be particularly pertinent when laying witness to or processing distressing materials that may contradict deeply held moral beliefs and expectations. Prolonged stress can lead to chronic mental and physical illness, often times resulting in decreased performance, low morale and ultimately time off of work.  It is imperative that we learn how to recognise stress reactions, and most importantly adopt positive coping strategies, our psychological distress course is designed to do just that. By covering the below learning outcomes, this course has received resounding feedback.  

  • Understand stress and its impact both in the short and long term.
  • Understand distress and the indicators for it.
  • Understand secondary stress, compassion fatigue, burnout, and moral injury.
  • Understand resilience and stress management, protection v risk factors.
  • Understand the importance of self-awareness, self-efficacy, and coping techniques.

Since introducing this course, we have tailored content for organisations, at their request. Different organisations manage callers, clients and customers with different issues.  Similarly, some people may respond to working with distressing information in different ways.  By expanding the potential audience beyond just the criminal justice system, this course recognises the universal nature of emotional challenges within the human services field. It offers valuable knowledge and tools that can benefit professionals working in various settings, including social services, mental health, victim support, and community outreach.

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On completion of the course learners will receive a course pack, handbook and certificate endorsed by the CPD standards Office. A comprehensive library containing videos and other resources is also included.  You will also receive a link to our brand-new TRiM App, which is being launched in October.


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