Strongmind Launches New Peer Support Practitioner course

Strongmind Resiliency training, Peer support

Strongmind has launched a new Peer Support Practitioner course that concentrates on the practical skills
needed to assist colleagues who may be experiencing issues with their mental wellbeing.

Our Director Richard Dorney said; ‘There is very good evidence that peer to peer support
can be a powerful tool when it comes to helping people in distress’. This new initiative is
designed to enable people to work as peer support practitioners inside an organisational
framework to help colleagues.

The training will initially guide attendees through the basics of peer support, and then
introducing the key elements of active listening and communication skills. We will then turn
our attention to scenario based practical interviewing skills. During the course we will look
at common mental health problems such as anxiety and depression as well traumatic stress
and bereavement, these will be weaved into our role play exercises.

Our peer support training differs from generic mental health awareness courses because it
focusses on the practical elements and intensive learning experiences to provide people
with the skills and confidence to make a real difference. If you want to set up a network of
peer support practitioners in your organisation, then this training is definitely for you.  The course is accredited by the CPD Standards Office.