Strongmind provides more support to the NHS

Strongmind Resiliency Training, NHS, TRiM, Training, During the Covid crisis our team has been busy providing support and training for NHS staff – virtual and in person.


Virtual training for the NHS

We’ve delivered virtual training in Stress, Trauma and Resilience to newly qualified nurses at the Birmingham Women and Children’s Hospital Trust. Around 150 nurses and staff have attended the training sessions so far.

Face-to-Face training – socially distanced

Four of our specialist instructors ran an intensive training programme for staff from the East Kent University Health Trust.

Doctors, nurses, managers and support staff attended a series of courses held at the Kent County Cricket Club at Canterbury. The team ran a series of Trauma Risk Management courses to improve support to NHS colleagues involved in traumatic situations.

They also delivered peer support training to a larger group of NHS staff. As a result, those staff can better provide awareness of how to talk to colleagues in distress and how best to support them.

Training senior managers in the NHS

We also held awareness programmes for senior managers. These covered traumatic stress, moral injury and the need for psychologically informed management.

So, all in all, around 110 people have better knowledge around mental health issues. We’re delighted with the fantastic feedback from staff working at the very coalface of this emergency.

We are proud to have been able to help those who have so selflessly kept us safe. Can we help you?