Tailored courses

At Strongmind we recognise that standard courses do not always fit client needs exactly. The demands and operating environments within some industries often highlight areas of concern. Outward facing organisations frequently find dealing with the public challenging and the duty of care suggests managers or colleagues need some awareness training in how to handle specific situations and the impact on staff.

Our team work with clients to understand the specific concerns and operating environment. Our experienced development team then design bespoke training that addresses the specific learning outcomes identified by the client. We often run pilot courses and adjust to ensure that we hit the exact outcomes required.

Case studies

Here are a few examples of some successful bespoke training packages that we designed and delivered.

Vulnerable callers training

We were approached by a large government agency whose staff frequently encounter distressed members of the public over the phone. We were specifically tasked to design training around how to handle vulnerable callers, especially those who may be at risk from suicide. We designed a blended, instructor led training workshop that sensitively and safely addresses some of the key concerns and highlights personal wellbeing. This programme has been highly successful and has been incorporated into departmental induction training. Learner feedback is excellent and hundreds of staff have been trained.

Mental health for managers

A large national education department commissioned us to deliver mental health for managers training to around 1500 staff. Specific objectives were identified around creating mentally healthy workplaces and managing staff, who may be experiencing challenges to their mental health. Virtual instructor led training was developed and delivered at scale over a three-month period with 8 three-hour workshops per week delivered. Client satisfaction levels were excellent.

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Understanding Trauma

Specific training in understanding trauma was delivered to a range of staff and intervention providers on behalf of the Home Office. These personnel were working with vulnerable people on a high profile and sensitive project where discretion and awareness were required. We identified the key objectives and delivered training face to face at multiple sites across the UK, with excellent feedback.

To discuss your needs please call us on 01264790795