Tips to maintain morale in business during the COVID pandemic

Tips to maintain morale in business during the Covid pandemic by trauma resilience training expert Richard Dorney


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Speaking to the Leaders Council in an exclusive interview, he said: “One of the most important things in business is maintaining morale.

“When there is low morale, what comes with that is higher rates of low mental health and sickness absence from work.

“Maintaining morale maintains productivity and there are four aspects to morale.”

The four aspects of morale for business leaders

Richard drew on almost four decades of leadership in the British Army for his advice to leaders on maintaining morale in business.

He said:

“Firstly, having faith in a common purpose. This entails understanding that the organisation is one and the same in function and striving to move together.

“Secondly is faith in the leadership. One must have trust and feel empowered and be able to trust that their leaders have their best interests at heart.

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“Third is faith in each other. We must support each other and provide peer support.

“The final thing is then adequately resourcing people and giving them the information they need.”

Richard Dorney also discussed the changes that the pandemic has meant for Strongmind, the need to support the NHS, and his advice for future leaders.

He noted:

“Having our peers there for us and sharing our feelings is so important … we talk to businesses a lot about the importance of peer support in these times to help build resilience.

“There is so much importance in having a listening ear to share concerns with, be that someone on your level or someone more senior to you and leaders would do well to be aware of that.”