Supporting Others in Times of Crisis

Duration: Half Day

Delivery Method: Virtual

Course Capacity: 16 

Course Description

Our Supporting Others In Times Of Crisis training, is designed for managers and staff who want to improve their awareness and confidence around stress, loss and trauma. Particularly when working at a distance, and in isolation. The training is a great way to bring teams together virtually, to discuss issues relating to wellbeing in the context of a crisis.  The course is interactive, and is virtually delivered. 

Our reactions to crisis.

  • What to expect
  • Staying resilient
  • Understanding grief and loss
  • Supporting others and protecting yourself

We look at our reactions to crisis and unfamiliar environments.

  • How we are likely to think and behave in changed circumstances.
  • The concept of normalising reactions and avoiding negative coping.
  • Key resilience concepts to improve awareness.
  • How to help others.
  • listening skills and how to focus the conversation on supporting a colleague.
  • Grief, loss, and the reactions to expect. How to help others and actions to avoid.
  • Secondary trauma, what it is and how to recognise it.
  • The key responses to trauma and how you can help someone.
  • How to keep yourself safe from burnout and compassion fatigue.
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