Trauma Risk Management – Managers Course

Duration: 2 days

Delivery Method: Face to Face or Virtual 

Course Capacity: Variable

Course Description

Where Trauma risk management (TRiM) is implemented in organisations, it is crucial that that there is management backing and coherent policy and leadership around TRiM interventions. If these elements are not present, the initiative is likely to fail. TRiM managers are the vital glue that brings together TRiM Practitioners, management and other areas of the organisation involved in wellbeing or welfare.

The emphasis of the TRiM Managers course is on planning and supervising responses to traumatic events and developing risk assessment skills to an advanced level. Delegates on this course must already be qualified as TRiM Practitioners.

Learning how to supervise TRiM practitioners, manage their welfare and support is crucial. TRiM Managers learn how to build effective and coherent TRiM teams and how to apply best practice.

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Course Aim

To provide TRiM Managers with the skills to ensure the effective implementation of Trauma Risk Management policy and to ensure supervision and practitioner welfare.

TRiM Practitioner, TRiM Training, TRiM Assessment, Trauma Risk Management, Peer Support, Strongmind, Training, TRiM

Course Outcomes

The course outcome is to enable delegates to:

  • Develop TRiM risk assessments and active listening skills to advanced level
  • Plan and coordinate organisational responses to critical events
  • Supervise and monitor the welfare and effectiveness of TRiM practitioners
  • Act as the regional/divisional TRiM lead in own area
  • Provide low level formal TRiM supervision and act as regional point of contact
  • Advise on and monitor management plans after TRiM risk assessments
  • Coordinate records, TRiM follow up assessments and liaise with other departments as necessary


Strongmind courses are fully accredited by the Continuous Professional Development Standards Office.