TRiM Practitioner Training

Duration: 2 Days or 12 hours e-Learning

Delivery Method: Face to Face or e-Learning

Course Capacity: 14

TRiM Practitioner Training

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Trauma Risk Management – TRiM Practitioners are trained to operate inside their organisation to assist with the response to critical events.  These may be small in scale or could be a major event involving large numbers of people possibly over an extended period. The Practitioner is able to support colleagues and conduct structured risk assessments to facilitate early referral for specialist help where this is needed.

Properly employed and supported, TRiM Practitioners can make a significant contribution to staff welfare by offering structured peer support and TRiM assessments to colleagues. TRiM practitioners are trained to identify the risk factors for the development of post traumatic stress and to know when to signpost colleagues to professional support. They can also deliver psycho-education briefs after critical events.

Selection of practitioners

It is important to select practitioners carefully as not everyone is suitable for the role. Practitioners should be:

  • Volunteers
  • Credible with peers
  • Non judgemental
  • Discreet
  • Good communicators
  • In the right place to deliver TRiM
  • Free of ongoing welfare or mental health concerns (Now)

Course Duration

The TRiM Practitioner’s course is held over two days and is an intensive package of both theory and practical exercises. Delegates are assessed on practical performance through a series of bespoke role play scenarios.

Course Content

  • Characteristics of traumatic events
  • Site management
  • Trauma Psychology
  • Risk factors for traumatic stress
  • Active listening
  • Filtering events and planning
  • Practical risk assessment
  • Providing post incident stress education briefs
  • Documentation and recording
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Course Outcome

A trained practitioner is able to understand the characteristics of traumatic events and conduct structured risk assessments to facilitate early intervention and ongoing support to colleagues and peers.    TRiM training, TRiM assessments, Strong Mind


Strongmind courses are fully accredited by the Continuous Professional Development Standards Office. Delegates may use the hours of training on our courses to count against any mandated or voluntary CPD requirement from professional bodies.