Mental Health for Managers

Mental Health For Managers - keeping your workplace safe

Duration: Face to face, one day – Virtual 3hours – e-learning 4 hours

Delivery Method: Face to Face, Virtual or e-Learning

Course Capacity: 16

Course Content

The following learning points are covered:

  • What is mental health
  • Reducing stigma and building healthy workplaces
  • Prevalence, risk and protection
  • Practical measures to help a person with poor mental health
  • The Equality Act and mental health
  • Active listening  with practical exercises in interviewing people who may be struggling
  • Identifying common mental health problems – anxiety and depression
  • Substance misuse and mental health
  • Positive coping.

Course Description

A poor state of mental health in the workplace can lead to a higher rate of sickness absence and reduced overall productivity. This unfortunate issue often arises from a negative work environment that results in psychological distress. The responsibility to address this matter rests on the shoulders of managers who should possess the necessary knowledge and skills to support employees’ mental health and know where to direct them for help in such situations. Not only that, but managers must also take care of their personal stress and burnout to guide their team effectively and positively contribute to the workplace’s overall environment. By actively engaging with their team members, managers can create an inclusive and supportive ecosystem that promotes good mental health and well-being, leading to improved employee performance and organizational growth.

Course Aims

The importance of mental health in the workplace cannot be overstated. As a manager, it is crucial that you understand common mental health problems to provide a safe and supportive environment for your employees. It is imperative that you possess the knowledge and confidence to recognize the signs and symptoms of poor mental health, and know how to properly support and signpost those who may be struggling. Additionally, as a manager, you must be able to actively manage your own stress levels to ensure that you are capable of leading your team to success. By prioritizing mental health in the workplace, you are not only benefiting your employees, but also promoting a positive and productive work environment.


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