Duration: 2 Days

Delivery Method: face to face or virtual

Course Capacity: 16

Peer Support Practitioner

Peer Support Practitioner Course Description

Peer support is widely recognized as a valuable component of workplace wellbeing. Research indicates that individuals are often more inclined to confide in trusted peers rather than seek professional help early on. Trained peer supporters play a crucial role in promoting help-seeking behavior and offering comfort to colleagues facing challenges.

Course Aims


To equip delegates with the knowledge and practical skills to work effectively as peer supporters within an organizational framework, enabling them to:

  • Offer informed support to colleagues experiencing emotional distress.
  • Encourage help-seeking behavior and foster confidence.
  • Reduce stigma and advocate for recovery.
  • Facilitate access to resources and support systems.
  • Promote personal and organizational resilience.

This course includes scenario-based exercises designed to enhance practical understanding. Participants will learn how to approach individuals and apply active listening skills effectively. These exercises aim to build confidence in handling challenging conversations and achieving outcome-oriented solutions for individuals in need.

Peer Support Course Content

  • Understanding the purpose and principles of effective peer support
  • Recognizing the qualities and skills needed for effective peer support
  • Identifying obstacles to effective peer support and the importance of professional boundaries
  • Developing communication and active listening skills
  • Exploring models of intervention and conversation frameworks
  • Building personal resilience and understanding common mental health disorders
  • Understanding suicidal ideation
  • Recognizing the effects of trauma
  • Practicing skills through scenario-based exercises
  • Emphasizing self-care, positivity, and protection


This course is fully accredited by the CPD standards Office and course time may be used against existing professional CPD requirements

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